10 months, garden, and baptism! :)


I didn’t come back here to post for awhile. Life has been so full in a good way – Micah is growing so well and is quite big. When we meet people now they don’t believe he was preemie. He is learning new things all the time. He is quite a content, thoughtful and focused guy – he likes to observe and listen to everything. He likes to play games with us and likes getting attention from family and friends.

Some days are just Micah and I – playing and reading, him sleeping and eating. I love the time with him and he likes for me to play with him lots. He bangs his feet on the floor and I run in place in front of him and he giggles. We do it again and again. He loves songs and watches the hand movements closely. We practice rolling over, it has been hard for him but he is getting the hang of it. He loves bathtime, eating time, diaper time and pretty much any routine he soaks up the attention and familiarity and I think I do too.I like doing the same simple things everyday with such a tiny special person. The house and the dishes don’t get super clean on those days, oh well. He naps well twice a day so there is time but I tend to be loud and clumsy with housework so naptime would be shorter if I really went for it. I often draw or go outside and do the essentials that need to happen inside.

Most of the spring and summer during naps one or both of us have worked outside. We have tried for a bigger garden than we have ever had. We have learned a lot and loved the process. Sam and I love being out there together, or taking turns with different tasks. One of my favorite things in life is being an equal with Sam and being on a team together. He is an excellent teammate and a wonderful dad. Micah loves being carried around by Sam while Sam explains different plants. The days are best when all 3 of us are here, though time alone with Micah is undoubtedly a treasure. Recently we have visited with friends and Micah seems to really enjoy that too! He likes going to community group and being in the nursery at church.

Gardening is a very helpful way to recover from a c-section and difficult hospital stay. The fresh air, stretching, weeding, the dirt, and helping things grow have really helped. This is the first time we have really gardened as a verb. Some things don’t really work out like you want – like some of the tomato plants ( a perfect big red or heirloom multicolored tomato is difficult feat). The aphids, the big rains then lots of heat, working to get the soil richer, take so much work and you can’t control it all. But we are learning and will keep trying as the seasons turn.



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