tough cookie!!


Micah had a surgery this week for a hernia that was forming. They found it on Tuesday when we were at an appointment for something else. A recurrence of this is rare (he had a bilateral hernia in November for those who don’t know) but they found it early and had a surgery slot open for the next day. So back to UNC we went early yesterday morning. Micah was seemed curious and content on the drive in the dark to the hospital, even though we weren’t able to give him breakfast. He flirted with some of the staff. And the doctor said, “he was in the NICU? He looks too big and healthy to have been a preemie”. The surgery was brief and uneventful, the doctor was able to correct the problem. We stayed overnight so he could be monitored, he did great and we came back late this morning. Micah also got his 6 month immunizations so he is a little tired tonight! Thank you for your prayers for mighty Micah, the Lord has surely strengthened him!

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