first trip to Asheville and first visit to the UNC special infant care clinic

Micah was busy Thursday-Sunday!

On Thursday he had his first visit to the UNC special infant care clinic. They follow him every few months after leaving the NICU to track his development. He is doing great! He weighed in at 13 lbs, 8 oz and 23 inches tall! Overall, Micah is doing very well:). He is doing everything a 3 month old (his adjusted age based on his due date) would be doing. He gets 2 years to “catch up” and be doing things as those born the same time (we won’t have to “adjust” the age anymore). The physical therapist gave us some stretches to do at home to build flexibility in his legs so he can begin rolling over by himself. She was pleased with his neck strength and how he was using his arms. We were happy with this because we have been working on that when we play with him and change his diaper. Some of these things can be hard for preemies because of the time spent lying flat as opposed to fluid movements in utero. We are also working on endurance for tummy time, still not his favorite:). He is eating well, sleeping well, and likes interacting with people – especially mom and dad.

After his appointment I (Sarah) went upstairs and brought down a nurse that took care of Micah often. She got to see Micah again and give him a hug. We also gave two drawings that I made to the NICU. The artwork in the lactation rooms and also in the halls when I was on the maternity floor were encouraging to me. I decided to share some with them that I made of us doing kangaroo care with Micah.

Micah also had the joy of interacting with his cousins,  Nell and Jack, this weekend. He thinks they are super great and loves their company:). He also was glad to see Aunt Cathy, Uncle Colin, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kim, and Granny, and Papa. Jack took videos of Micah with Nell and I. When I played the videos for Sam at home, Micah turned towards the sound of their voices and smiled :).



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