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February 4th was our 5th anniversary, we were grateful to celebrate with Micah as a part of our family.

On February the 15th, Micah turned 5 months old! We also acknowledge and celebrate what we call his secret month birthdays 10 days later on the 25th each month (he was due November 25th so this is what is used for his “adjusted” or “corrected” age). So he is mostly like a 3 month old – also in a great weight range for that age – the doctors were pleased! His last weight-in was February 8th and he weighed 11 lbs and 12 oz! He is about 22 inches tall as well. Last week he had his 4th (and final! yay!) eye appointment since leaving the hospital. The doctor said  the retinopathy continues to improve. He will see a pediactric opthalmologist for an overall eye check up in 4 months.

We love spending time with him everyday and watching him grow.  In awe of what God has done for him and our family, we have enjoyed slow winter days taking it all in. Though these strange February days in North Carolina also have meant plenty of Spring-like days, so he goes outside with us often and is starting to enjoy it. He likes the sound of the wind chimes, slow walks with Sam in the yard learning the names of plants, and being tucked in the wrap with me – watching me and listening to more sounds – trucks, dogs barking, and birds chirping. As we try to prepare a garden this year I look forward to him digging in the ground pulling out worms with me. For now, we love where he is and who he is.

He smiles back at us a lot, which is so fun :). He is also proud of his new skill of grabbing blankets, balls with holes, and soft toys.  Micah also likes showing off his boxing moves and his awesome chunky muscles. Some of his other favorites are songs with hand motions, listening to books, staring at random objects on the wall or ceiling, and kicking the poor turtle hanging above his playmat. Micah still has tummy troubles, so he’s not super happy right after eating sometimes. Much of the day he is very content, and at night he wants to be asleep which we think is pretty awesome.

This past weekend Micah went to Greensboro for the first time with Sarah. We got to see nana and meet several Hancocks :).

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